Pastor Ron Koppelmann, Jr.



Pastor's Annual Report - 2015

    Grace and peace to all of you at First Presbyterian Church in Sullivan, Mo.

     Our Journey started together seven months ago.  Where did the time go?  It seems like yesterday we started, but then again seems awhile too.

     I look over the past months and see how we've set some goals and have taken our time to make the necessary steps to get where we need to go.  By the small steps, this is how we are accomplishing our goals one at a time.  What a great feeling this gives me to see our church willing and ready to keep building on the solid foundation that we have.

     When we look at the mission that our church is involved in it is astonishing. There are several anonymous meetings here, where people are trying to change their lives and leave the bad stuff in life behind.  And then there's all the other help we give in the community to help those who we are charged by Jesus Christ to help.

    There is something going on around here all the time.  To help make this church stronger, join the Mariners's Group.  They have a great time.  Sometimes there is a program and there is always something to eat, and believe me it is good!  There is a Bible study group that has interesting discussions, even a knitting group who makes the prayer shawls and lap blankets which are blessed and given to the people we are concerned about. This, my friends, is another form of God's love that we share with others.

    One of my personal goals for the church would be after I retire this upcoming year, I hope to get involved with different community activities, such as the Ministerial Alliance to help get our name out there and let people know we are at the top of the hill.

      Before I close, I would like to thank you all for the love that you have shown Cindy and I from the time we have come together and become one.  I would also like to thank you for the support and faith that you have given to me to help lead this congregation to a new height or level and discern what God has planned for us.  And I would also like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to be pastor of this GREAT congregation.

    We offer a lot of things.  We give hope to those who have no hope.  We give love to those that are hurting.  And we show the image of God to all who are around us, in hopes that they may find Christ, too.

    Keep working together, keep blessing each other, and may God bless you all greatly.  Amen.

God's Peace,

Pastor Ron