At First Presbyterian Academy we are continually striving to equip and challenge our students spiritually to influence culture and society for Jesus Christ.  The foundation and framework of The Academy are rooted in a Christian worldview that permeates all that we do from Preschool to High School. As a common thread, the Bible and its message are at the core of every subject and foundational to all that we do as a school. Because the Christian worldview is our foundation, we believe that everything we do as a school must be distinctly Christian and excellence. All members of our faculty and staff are expected to be growing in their faith as each embraces the idea that teaching is also discipleship. We require all of our faculty to teach their discipline at an exceptionally high level and live out their faith in a transparent way on and off-campus.

Discovery Ministry

Our 6th - 12th Grade students divide into small Discover Groups that meet approximately twice a month.  Discover groups are places…

  • Of real, authentic, meaningful relationships
  • To know one another and be known
  • Where it is safe to be yourself
  • Where truth is spoken
  • Where accountability happens
  • Where we learn the story of the Bible as one coherent story

Stories are shared…

  • That connect as a whole
  • That are Christ-centered
  • That are authentic and real
  • About redemption and salvation

Connection THROUGH Christ

Connections Through Christ

Connection Through Christ Leadership Development Program is a 4th - 8th Grade afterschool program where students will be using the Bible and Jesus’ ministry as a guide to learn about leadership and disability.  Students will meet once a week for 16 weeks from 

3:15 - 4:15 p.m. starting the week of October 3.

  • 4th & 5th Grade: Tuesdays
  • Middle School: Wednesdays


Students in Preschool - 12th Grade participates in weekly Chapel services where they have the privilege of coming together in vibrant worship with dynamic music and compelling speakers.  Chapel messages are designed to be relevant and age-appropriate. Students in K3, K4, K5, and 1st - 5th Grade also attend chapel on a weekly basis. Middle and High School students attend chapel twice a month (Alternating with Discover Groups.) The entire student body, on the Shannon Forest campus, meet for special chapels at different points during the year.

Service Learning

Serving our Community is at the very core of our vision and mission! Annual service hours are required for all students in 7th – 12th Grade. Under normal circumstances, two (2) IMPACT Services Days would be held (one during semester 1 and one during semester 2). Each IMPACT Service Day would earn 5 service hours and would count toward ten (10) total hours of service requirements; the remaining difference is the responsibility of the student to complete individually outside of school. Service hours completed during the summer will be applied to the following school year only.



7th Grade | 22 hours 
8th Grade | 24 hours 
9th Grade | 26 hours 
10th Grade | 28 hours 
11th Grade | 30 hours 
12th Grade | 32 hours

- Students earning more than 300 cumulative service hours will receive a silver cord to wear at graduation.   All student transcripts will indicate the number of hours earned.

- Failure to complete the required service hours each year will result in a failing grade in their current Bible class.

- Key Club and Student Council Community Service cannot be counted as service hours.


IMPACT Service Days are days in which our 7th-12th grade students go out into the community and volunteer at a variety of local organizations.  Students are placed into groups, and they head out to spend the morning serving alongside their friends and classmates.  After lunch (off campus), students return to school and go over to the Lower School to visit our K5-5th grade students.  This allows our "big kids" to get to know the "little kids," build relationships, and share their experiences from the morning.  Upper School students will receive 5 service hours for each IMPACT Day.