Art classes at First Presbyterian Academy are designed for any student regardless of artistic ability or interest. Students begin to explore the world of Art as early as Preschool. Lower School students learn foundational techniques from studying famous artists. Student artists are given many opportunities to apply what they have learned and create their own original art, which is displayed in an annual Art Show.

In Middle and Upper School our focus shifts to building skills at various levels of talent. Art classes help build creativity, problem-solving, and following directions well while expanding on the artistic talent of each individual. Students learn basic principles of design and color theory through their class, as well as some art history that is blended into each class. Each project differs between drawing, painting, and sculpture, but each is presented from a Christian worldview and rooted in excellence.


Yearbook is a class for High School students who are strong in English and/or graphic design, have strong computer skills or a willingness to learn, are interested in a deadline focused environment, and are willing to think outside the box are encouraged to take this dynamic course. The course is labor-intensive and requires self-initiative in order to be successful. Yearbook consists of planning, selling ads, photography, conducting interviews, and caption writing. This past year (2018-2019), our yearbook staff won the prestigious Jostens Look Book award, which featured our publication as an example of excellence.